Majaz Arts Sustainability & Development

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

MAJAZ ARTS DMCC is committed to protecting your privacy. In order to provide a quick and accurate response to any of our art design services, MAJAZ ARTS DMCC asks only for the information necessary to complete your order with precision. All the information is strictly for the use of MAJAZ ARTS DMCC and our authorized partners like the printing centers.


Refund Policy:

We guarantee your full satisfaction, MAJAZ ARTS DMCC not offering refund on our services and supplied products.


Legal Rights Agreement:

All the rights of artworks by MAJAZ ARTS DMCC has created and designed for specific client belong to the client for which it was designed.

MAJAZ ARTS DMCC does not file a trademark application with respect to the logos designed for its client. The client is free to register as a trademark the logo design created for it by MAJAZ ARTS DMCC.